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_________Oh your so exquisite...

...all midnight eyes//

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Welcome to so_xquisite This community is owned by:

in_the_shade and pink_n_blackx27 The rules are simple. Abide by them and we wont ban you.

Zee Rules

1. [Applies to Stories] No Het, this is mainly a slash community.
2. This IS a slash community. Dont fuck it with het.
3. NO Homophobic or rasist fuckers. If Theres a post regarding one of the following, user shall be banned and post shall be deleted.
(these rules are much the same as davey_and_jade)
4. No Teeny shit about "OOOH!!! MYYY GAWWWDD DAVEY IS SOOO HAWWWT!!" been there done that dont wanna go through it again.
5. No Posts with no point. God (this rule is much like the one above) Dont just post saying "Oh, i had a shitty day and Jade is SOO HAWWT" deleted banned done.
6. This is Not a personal journal. Do not post an entry on this site with no regard to AFI [slash] save that for your actual journal.
7. Put all pictures/fics under LJ cuts. Dont wanna be taking up all the space posting some fic now do we?
8. Caption your fictions with Author (your name/username) Chapter # and Name (The name is optional) Rating of Chapter(you know: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) And Pairing (Davey/Jade, Adam/Hunter, Jade/Hunter, Adam/Davey...ect.)
9. This is also a claim community. Claim what you want. well post it.
[[The Claim rules]]
a. 3 claims per person cuz were nice like that
b. no sharing of claims
c. claim whatever the fuck you want (afi related that is) which means pairing, article of clothing, tattoo, piercing, scent, look, you name it, you claim it.

Hey, only a few rules, suck it up soldier! +salutes+

Your Mods,

pink_n_blackx27 and in_the_shade

Claim whatever you want. The cadegories will grow as you claim

Claim List
i_rape_sporks Got lost in The Leaving Song

i_rape_sporks Ran her fingers over Davey's Wing Tattoo (Located on Back) and Jade's Committed Tattoo (Located On Stomach)

yeah yeah, I know, i guess its not required or anything but sometimes people like doing em so hell. do it if you want.

Aim SN or Msn Addy:
Five Bands you Like:
Two Movies you Favour:

Yeah. Unless i come up with something more cool thats all you're getting XD