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perfecthorror and I started a fiction. Were working on it now... i only started it but hell, heres something that might pull you in, im probably going to redo it but here goes.

Close your eyes and We'll Die together

Chapter One :: Adam

"Aww, Jadey you're so cute." Davey cooed, "so cute! So CUTE!"
"Shut the hell up, I'm trying to sleep." Hunter scowled, aggravated, turning the opposite direction, "You guys have kept me up long enough! It's... what time is it Adam?"
I prompt myself on my elbows and stared at my watch, the red digital numbers read 2:09am. "2:09"
"Thats it." Hunter sat up and grabbed his pillow marching out of the room into the living, "I'm sleeping on the couch. Just try and come in here and I'll shoot you."
I heard a soft giggle from Davey and Jade's bed and then a crash from the living room and a cursing Hunter, "God Damn Coffee Table!!"

Yeah. [/Ends teaser]
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