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Title:The Best Victory Fuck

"We won Davey! We won!" Jade squealed and jumped into my arms, kissing me hard on the lips. He's crazy. We're not even fully backstage and he's already groping me.

I keep walking forward, more like stumbling blinding due to the Jade in my arms. All the while hearing him ramble about it in my ear.

Instead of waiting around for the show to be done, we leave and go back to the hotel. Amazingly I make it into the hotel, up the elevator 20 floors, down the hall and into the room without dropping Jade once. My arms were very tired though, so when we got in the room I tossed him on the bed.

Jade looks at me absolutely the sexiest way he could and asks,” Where’s that victory fuck you promised me?" I growl low in my throat and climb on top of him. I plant my lips on top of his while attempting to undress him. Shirt.... Pants...Ok...Button...Zipper...Pull...Tug...Throw SUCCESS!

We break the kiss from some much needed air. "Something's wrong here," Jade gasps. Huh? "You're still dressed." Oh. "Well Davey, aren't you gonna do something about it?"

"I would but I think I need some help." Jade spins us around and starts tearing my clothes off. Whatever has gotten into him is my new best friend.

My clothes aren't even off for a full 2 seconds and he's grinding into me furiously. He's leaving me breathless with every circle and frankly I stand it any longer. "Jade...let me...fuck.. OH AH!" I try to say but by the end it comes out as a moan. But he gets the point. "Then do it!"

I grope blindly for something to use as lube and find...a bible? I throw it up like I've been burned. Not wanting to find any other 'religious objects' I decide to use good old spit and fingers.

I slowly push two fingers into his still tight ass and stretch him thoroughly. Seeing him with in pain nearly kills me. But I know where to hit to make him stop. So not even five seconds he's gasping with immense pleasure and begging," Dav...Oh...Now...Please..." His words are imcomprehendable but I know what he wants. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't know?

I plunge my fingers in once more before pulling them out completely. Jade groans at the loss and tries to pull my hand back. But I don't let him and spit into my hand and slather my saliva on my rock hard cock.

I align my self up with Jade's sexy ass before carefully pushing in. I can't help but moan out as I feel him take in my cock. We've been together for so long and the beautifulness that is him and his ass is still as tight and new as the first time.

"Oh! goddammit Davey! I may...look like a ...chick...to some people...but I'm not one! So fuck...like you do...your hand." Ooooooh, that's how he wants it. Hard, Fast, and Deep.

Oh how I gladly oblige. There's no turning back now. Once I start something, I finish it. Sex with Jade is no exception. Especially not now. He know what he's doing and I love it. The way he clenches his ass around my cock makes me want to fuck him harder, even if I know it's impossible.

He's pulling on his straining cock and it's one of the mose beautiful things I've seen. A face of pure please, from my thrusts and hes jerks, makes me want to cum right there and I do. Crying, not screaming or moaning excessively loud, his name as I release my seed into his body. Yet again marling him as mine.

Jade is still pumping at his cock. I do my best to help. My best being a slow, thorough blowjob while massaging his balls and teasing his hole alternatively. As I wrap my free hand around what I can't fit in my mouth, he explodes. Moaning my name as I swallow every bit of his bitter, but sweet cum.

I crawl up onto the bed and collaspe next to Jade. He whispers in my ear,"That was the best victory sex EVER." I kiss his cheek and fall asleep, content in my lovers arms.

And since I feel greedy...can I claim Davey's Wing Tattoo, Jade's Commited tattoo, and 'The Leaving Song'. Pretty please with Kat on top?
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